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Helt Rein - Natural skincare from the Finnmark Plateau

The reindeers move over the Finnmark Plateau, between winter and summer pastures. Some herds cross the fjords to get to the summer pastures out on the Islands, others wander over huge mountains ranges to get to the coast where the summer pastures are located. The life of the reindeer is reflected through the eight seasons of the reindeer herder; The summer grazing lands by the coast, the slaughtering in the fall, moving to the winter pastures on the Plateau, calving in the spring and moving back to the summer pastures again. 

Tradional knowledge

The Sámi constantly follow the reindeer herds, and through hundreds of years they have adapted to the environment and the use of the reindeer. The meat and fat was used for cooking. Hoofs were also cooked and eaten, and fat / oil that floated was taken care of and used of those having different skin problems. If someone got burnt, the fat/oil of the hoof was the best medicine, because it was absorbed quickly. 

Dry skin

More people are struggling with sensitive or dry skin, and skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema are becoming more widespread. We react more often of artificial additives, perfumes and detergents.

However, many are now aware of what they put on the skin, the body's largest organ. Especially those already experiencing dry skin, either as a result of other medical treatment, atopic conditions or dry winter air, see the value in using products that are natural and kind to the skin. The skin will be strengthened with commodities supplying the skin with nutrition and suppleness, and the skin will be better equipped to weather and wind. 

Gentle method

Helt Rein have developed a gentle method for extracting fat / oil and refining this to use skin products. This fat / oil has never been used beyond the traditional way. Now it is available in jars with cream or as leppomade.

Replaces exclusive creams

The Reindeer Cream/Rein cream and Rangifer Lips leppomade from Helt Rein will be able to replace many of the more "exclusive" creams, because they are what they are - exclusive! No other manufacturer in the world are utilizing features from the reindeer and the Sámi traditional knowledge as Helt Rein! 

Feedback and experiences

  • Karla Irene: "I have used reindeer cream against psoriasis rash, I have tried everything, but reindeer cream was a miracle cure, now the rash and the «pink» spots from the rash is gone. I can now walk barefoot without being embarrassed.¨
  • Inger: "I am postively surprised by the effect of this cream. This is something everyone with psoriasis should try"
  • Per Anthi: "Problems with dry skin? This cream is then recommened. The skin becomes so good after lubricating this to the skin, it's almost unbelievable and it lasts a looong time."
  • Margit: "I have used this for several years and have only positive experiences (eczema)."
  • Svein Atle: "I am at times severely affected by psoriasis, especially on the hand palms/flats .. (...) I have very good experience with the Rein cream. It prevents incrustation and keeps the skin elastic for a long time. The cream withdraws quickly into skin, which of course is an advantage when the hand flats/palms are affected. "

Reinkrem/Reindeer cream

The cream is based on natural ingredients such as oils and fatty acids, but also water decoction of Calendula and Lady's mantle (Maricopa), - herbs that are traditionally used to eczema and other skin disorders, and which are known for providing soft skin and relieving eczema and other skin problems.

The cream does not contain perfume, but a few drops of lavender oil for the sake of the fragrance. There are also no parabens or petroleum leaves.

Content: Rein Cream Calendula: Water (Calendula decoction) oil from the reindeer hoof, glycerin, Canola Fatty acid + Lactic acid, palm fatty acid, vitamin E, Lanettevoks (coconut oil and palm kernel oil), Lavender oil, phenoxyethanol. 

We also offer a completely natural type of cream for those who might react on herbs and essential oils.

Rangifer Lips

The natural plants and the Reindeer Oil itself gives moisture to the lips. These ingredients are easily absorbed in the thin lip skin and provides long-lasting protection against wind and weather, summer and winter. The fresh green mint oil stimulates and protects.

Contains: Reindeer Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Carnauabavoks, Vitamin E, Green Mint Oil.

Helt Rein manufactures skincare articles based on Reindeer Oil, which has been researched and tested for several years. This Oil is used to produce a gentle and natural cream and leppomade.

High levels of Omega 6 and 9

Reindeer Oil contains high levels of Omega 6 and 9, which is vital for skin's ability to regenerate itself. The creams have shown a positive effect on dry skin since it is easily absorbed. It is usually used between cortisone treatments among those who have psoriasis and eczema, to maintain the skin's suppleness throughout the year.

The products do not contain fragrances, parabens or petrochemical ingredients.